Management Reporting service provides the business owner with uncanny insight into his business activity and profitability, with information presenting immediate utilization of opportunities and solutions to financial planning...

We will help you improve your cash flow and make it easier to control your business...
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Financial Management Reporting: Back office services for Long Island and New York

Accurate reporting on seven key financial figures.Management Reporting is a so-called Monthly Financial Consulting service (MFC), so named because once a month you will have a accounting professional sit down with you and review where your company is at, where it can go.

During this review negative trends are spotted and nipped in the bud.

Similarly, positive trends can be identified and taken advantage of.

Perhaps best of all, you do NOT need to change your accountant or CPA in order to use this service.

Our Management Reporting is simply an additional service for obtaining accurate information for you to help make correct decisions much easier.

Management Reporting focuses on keeping the business owner abreast of the SEVEN KEY REPORTS that open up an accurate view on financial control for you.

Note that this Management Reporting is an ongoing service, the frequency of financial reporting being one month usually but the schedule can be amended.

The important part of Management Reporting is that we explain each point in detail and go over these with you until you can obtain the full benefits of this financial information service so that you know how to find facts and figures for your decisions at a GLIMPSE.

Becoming proficient in obtaining key information out of these seven key reports is much easier than it might seem and within a very short time you'll find your ability to acquire vital information from these reports greatly increased.

Financial Management Reporting will tremendously enhance your skill to plan finances and apply your attention to the most profitable points of your business.

Let's go through these seven key financial reports in brief.

Note that these seven points are not listed in any order of preference or importance as each forms a piece of the puzzle whose overall information IS the solution in itself to all decisions financial in a business venture.


1. Unpaid Bills, Accounts Payable Aging

Accounts Payable Aging Key ReportThese key financial reports tell you who you owe and when each payment is due as well as showing you payments that are overdue.

Balancing your income with outgo is always a challenge, but with accurate information, you can make informed decisions and optimize your financial flows to your advantage.

Seeing it in writing along with the other key reports will make it much easier to do your financial planning and spend your dollars where they count most.


2. Unpaid Invoices, Accounts Receivable Aging

Accounts Receivable Key ReportThis key report gives up-to-date data on who owes you money and when you can expect to get it into your bank account.

It specifies on the 30-60-90-day division when you can expect money and how much.

It also states all customers whose payments are overdue and informs you the sums and how long these have been overdue.

Reporting the various angles of accounts receivable in clear and concise form to you will help you to obtain a working understanding of the situation within seconds.

You will know things are under control and receive precise information on which to base decisions about your finances and the general running of your company.

These reports can be issued weekly or monthly as needed by the company. Weekly is usually best.

It is vital to be kept informed of your near-future income in this way as that will be the foundation of your financial planning.

Your Unpaid Invoices Key Report provides the information needed to collect overdue invoices and keep current ones

Your Accounts Receivable Aging Key Report provides you with a snapshot of how well your money is being collected.

It shows you which invoices are current (owed less than 30 days), 60 days or 90 days overdue.

Over time it reveals the good payers, those who regularly remain in the 30-day category.

Equally, it will uncover the bad payers, those who fall into the over-60-day category consistently.


3. Profit & Loss (Income Statement)

Key Income Statement Report - Profits & LossThis key financial report summarizes how much money you made (sales), where you made it, how much it took to make it (expenses) and what you got left over (profit) from it... or not (loss).

In other words, the Profit & Loss key report gives you detailed information on your sales, expenses and the resulting profits or losses.

It lists your assets (what you own) against your liabilities (what you owe), giving a fair picture of your equity (what's left over or the difference between the two).

Excellent information if received frequently as it allows you to utilize any windows of opportunity (something suddenly selling better or at a higher profit) and equally instantly countermand any cut in profits or sales.

Essentially, problems are small when they're born, so the quicker any problem is found, the easier (and cheaper) it is to correct it.

Equally, any uptrend is a window of opportunity which has a limited period of utilization... and with this key report you can find it immediately and strengthen that which produced more sales and profits.


4. Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet Key ReportThis reports how much you own and owe. It lists your assets against your liabilities, giving a fair picture of your equity.

It also shows the trend and you'll be able to follow the growth of your equity.

Knowledge is power in financial planning.

Knowing your financial position will influence your finance and planning, ensuring decisions made work for your benefit without overextending your assets or capital.


5. Cash Flow Projection Report

Cash Flow Projection ReportThis Key Report keeps you updated on what you owe and can expect to collect in the near future.

It tells you how much money is due to be paid on the terms of 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days from the time of the report.

This outgo is then matched against the monies you can expect to come to your bank account in the corresponding time periods.

Cash Flow Projection Report provides you with absolutely essential data for financial planning.

It is also extremely useful when planning any form of investment to your company.


6. Sales Reports

Sales Key ReportThis key report gives you detailed information on your sales, explaining the "what, who and how" of your sales flows.

Who is buying the most?

It's a well known principle of business that only 20% of your customers contribute to 80% of your bottom line but which customers are they?

Which items or services are selling best... and which worst?

Which items and/or customers bring the best profits?

Who are the good customers, who average... and which ones are the worst customers?

Essential key information on which your sales, profits, cashflow and financial planning can be improved continuously.


7. Job Cost Report

Job Cost Key ReportThe key to financial control and profitability lies in knowing not only what was earned but what was spent on earning the income you made.

The Job Cost Key Report itemizes how much was spent on each job, or the costs of selling each category of product.

It gives you the details what the money was spent on and explains all the details of the assignment.

If the job is an actual larger project, then it would come under the realm of Project Accounting, which involves the assigning & tracking of costs (labor and materials) and revenues(job selling price / payments received) to a particular job such as building a house or a project like building an apartment complex.


Benefits of using the Management Reporting services of Bookkeepers Plus Inc.

Practical, hands-on help in financial planning.Adding Management Reporting to your systems is simple and requires no changes in your arrangements with your accountant or CPA.

Our aim with the Management Reporting service is to become your loyal assistant in coaching you into a high degree of insight with these reports.

We do this by demonstrating with practical examples how to use the key reports to gain hands-on knowhow on planning your finances as a part of your everyday job.

We speak plain English and explain all financial terminology and accounting jargon.

We understand that you are not an accounting professional but an expert of YOUR area of specialization.

We realize fully it is our job to explain these things in a way that makes it understandable.

We accept the responsibility of ensuring you can UTILIZE these reports so that you factually gain the advantage that this data will provide for you in running your business in today's competitive marketplace.

The benefit of Management Reporting is clear-cut and simple:

It will enable you to control, run and expand your business like no other financial service ever could, because you will measure and monitor all key financial figures of your monetary transactions and business activity, thus making it easy to MANAGE those functions.

In the final analysis, what you monitor and manage, you can improve.

As part of this financial service, we will stand by to render assistance and provide practical consultation to every aspect of your financial planning.

It is also good to know that using our Financial Management Reporting services does NOT require you to change your accountant or CPA.


Problems solved by outsourcing your Management Reporting to Bookkeepers Plus Inc.
No more guessing, you will know exactly how things stand with your finances now and in the next months.
Problems cannot grow into hard-to-handle monsters because every concern is found early on, making its solving fast, easy and economical.
Improvements and windows of opportunity are found immediately and can be utilized fully, strengthening that which produced more income and profits.
Decision-making becomes MUCH easier once you have accurate and current information on which to base your decisions.
You're not alone in making the decision but have a financial professional to help you with a guaranteed politeness and respect of communication.
You'll overcome any uncertainty about planning your business activities, costing and pricing, and finances, gradually becoming an expert in financial planning.
Bookkeepers Plus outsourcing solutions


Contact Bookkeepers Plus Inc. to hear what we could do for you with our Management Reporting service

Contact Bookkeepers Plus to gain better control over financial planning.Financial Management Reporting is just one part of the quality services which our back office outsourcing solutions offer businesses in Long Island and New York.

You can contact me directly or, if you're convinced that outsourcing might be the solution, use our quote form to receive an estimate of cost and benefits of outsourcing Financial Management Reporting functions to us.

No change of status is needed in relation to your current accountant or CPA as the Management Reporting is an additional service whose goal is to help you manage your business.

If you have a specific problem with any aspect of financial control then why not give us a challenge and receive free advice on how we would solve the problem?

Thank you for your interest, and please remember we offer a free Outsourcing Report to business owners in Long Island and New York.


Best wishes,

Elizabeth Marasco, MBA
Bookkeepers Plus, Inc.
354 Neighborhood Rd
Mastic Beach
NY 11951
Phone: 631-949-5864
Fax: 631-207-8349

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